Intercessory Prayer

The purpose of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry is to build a spiritual wall for the protection and advancement of MPCM through daily intercessory prayer and unified fasting. Whereby MPCM will fulfill her God ordained assignment in the earth realm.

Intercessors pledge, one year, to perform the following responsibilities:
  Pray daily for Mt.Pleasant Church and Ministries
  Dedicate a minimum of one hour per day to intercede for the ministry
  Participate in unified fasting
  Regularly attend PHP on Wednesdays
  Participate in a full or partial fast each week
  Participate in corporate prayer prior to services
  Attend annual workshops which are utilized to strengthen the prayer ministry through biblical instruction and praise
  Keep and maintain a prayer journal

Interested in joining the Intercessory Prayer Ministry? Email Us at and inform us of your interest.

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