Art of Marriage Connect {AMC} – And because we recognize that Family is so very important to God, we acknowledge that marriage is at the foundation of a strong family unit. So, for married couples we offer the Art of Marriage Connect. This program will help couples to establish a God honoring marriage through growing together in Christ. Couples will develop skills for conflict management and improving communication in your marriage. AMC can help couples build up your spouse and become a true team and partnership in your marriage; touching on several other topics. AMC is Kit is offered quarterly (Winter Session, Spring Session, and Fall Session). For more information please contact Ministry leaders Ed Jr. and Nadine Neal – and

What is the “Art of Marriage Connect”
Let us envision marriage as an empty canvas that only with God can be made into a masterpiece. The tri-covenant of marriage that a man and a woman enter into with God should be like a woven tapestry that is most beautiful yet can be the strongest structure built on the foundation of Christ. With the “Art of Marriage Connect”, your marriage can begin to be transformed into the masterpiece that God intended for your marriage to be all along.  Whether you’ve been married five months, five years, or five decades, The Art of Marriage Connect can help couples explore various aspects of marriage in a small group setting. AMC is a Christian based, married-couples, study series that provides the necessary tools to help couples understand God’s design for marriage and become the gift to their spouse that God intended. This series not only provides biblical principles to allow couples to strengthen their marriages, but also helps couples to develop relationships with other Christian couples who are working on strengthening their marriage relationship.

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