Men’s Ministry

What Is Men’s Ministry?

One man walking with another man through life; investing his life into that man; and allowing God to make him into the man God wants him to be. Men’s Ministry isn’t about big programs and meetings that keep men busy. It’s about developing relationships rather than activities; and helping men to know Christ in an intimate way through building relationships with our brothers.

Men, events and activities aren’t bad when used to enhance our ministry. They enable us to have fellowship and build relationships with our brothers. Our men’s ministry will be a place where men can grow as followers of Christ; discover their spiritual gifts; move from the pew into ministry of service in the home, church and community; build authentic relationships; and become the leaders God created us to be.

Today many men are in a crisis. Many of us are confused about our role as a man. What does it really mean to be a man? What doesn’t it mean to be a Man? We allow the enemy to beat us up and we give Satan the power over us.
Men, for too long we’ve settled for much less than what God has called us to be. It is time for us to wake up out of our sleep and take our places. When I look at the potential of what can happen when we as men take our role seriously, I get excited. The sleeping giants could be awakened; revival could break out in our homes, church and our communities among the men.

How can we as men accomplish this powerful movement?

If you are serious about taking this step, we are introducing our 21st Century Knights and Accountability Squads. Take a tour of our website to obtain more information about these programs and view our Men’s Ministry calendar of events. In addition, we encourage you to attend our fellowships and Monthly 21st Century Knight seminars.
Our Men’s Ministry programs are open to members and non-members of Mount Pleasant Church and Ministries. We encourage you to bring your buddies, fathers, sons, and family members to our 21st Century Knight seminars. We are so excited about this opportunity to minister to you and are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Our Purpose
To Co-labor with God in equipping men to live in their full potential in Christ.
(1 Cor. 13:11)

Our Vision
We Are: Relational Men Focused on Family, Evangelism and Discipleship.

“We identify a need and we meet it!”

Our Mission
To awaken and build strong men whose foundation is Christ and will impact Family, Church, and Community.

Men’s Ministry events are open to all men seeking to be rebuilt under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

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