Job purpose
The Director of Deaf and Hard of Hearing is responsible for developing and leading a team of
qualified, trained interpreters to successfully facilitate communication between the hearing and
Deaf/Hard of Hearing (HOH) members and visitors enabling them full access to Mount Pleasant
Church and Ministries (“MPCM’s”) worship experience.
Duties and responsibilities
● Develop a team of qualified, trained interpreters.
● Create, oversee and manage professional development programs for interpreters.
● Translate the spoken word into sign language.
● Have an understanding of the subject matter to accurately translate into sign language.
● Train interpreters to facilitate communication in one-on-one situations with Deaf/HOH
● Obtain and review Worship Planning Team (WPT) run sheet to prepare interpreters for
upcoming services.
● Provide support/feedback to the interpreters as needed.
● Ensure interpreters are scheduled and in place for services and events.
● Keep the Chief Service Officer fully informed on operations, plans, and activities. Solicit
direction, advice and guidance, when required.
● Lead, guide, direct, support and evaluate the work of the interpreters.
● Hold the interpreters responsible and accountable for carrying out all aspects of their
respective ministry roles.
● Empower the interpreters to successfully reach their independent goals by setting a
strategic plan in place.
● Continually demonstrate an ability to understand and implement the Word of God and
prayer and serve as a model for MPCM as a whole.
● Support MPCM through tithing a minimum of 10% of annual income as outlined in
Genesis 14, Matthew 23:23 and Hebrews 7. Participate in offerings, special giving, and
● Attend all scheduled staff meetings, providing reports of the ministry’s status, activities,
needs, and collaboratively working with Chief Service Officer to execute the vision and
mission of MPCM
● Set a good example in the areas of relationships, commitment to Christ, follow-through
and responsible living.
● Model, support and defend the MPCM Code of Conduct.

● Trained interpreter in American Sign Language
● Excellent Listener
● Good Communication skills
● Dedicated
● Committed
● Team Player
● Awareness of Deaf/HOH person’s mode of communication
A minimum of 2 years experience interpreting for the Deaf/HOH. A minimum of 3 years
experience in a leadership role, preferably in a religious or non-profit organization.
High School diploma or GED required. A college degree or appropriate college courses in
American Sign Language is desired. Professional training courses are accepted.
Continuing Education/ Certifications
Continuing education required with a minimum of two workshops per year. Certification in
American Sign Language is encouraged.
Working conditions
Standing in the pulpit area and may be on camera
Physical requirements
Standing for long periods of time
Direct reports
Members of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ministry
Independent decision-making
The Director of Deaf and Hard of Hearing will make decisions commensurate with the Chief
Service Officer regarding staffing and standard operating procedures for Mount Pleasant Church
and Ministries.
Reporting date and term
TBD. Position and personnel performance will be reviewed annually.