By God’s grace, we are glad to deliver an online live streaming services just for you. Join us by watching live every Sunday and Thursday.


Day Services Time
Sunday Sunday Morning Worship 9 AM EST
Thursdays The Corner with Bishop Johnson 7 PM EST on YouTube and FB
1st Sunday Holy Communion During Sunday Morning Worship
1st Sunday Baptismal Worship  

Live Streaming Guide

This is a guide for our live streaming viewers. These instructions or steps will guide you through several general troubleshooting steps, if your live stream is interrupted. If your problem is beyond the scope of this guide, feel free to chat or contact us through the live chat box on the bottom right of this page. You need to register first to chat with our support team.

General Troubleshooting

There are several factors to consider why your live streaming may have an issue. First, try these steps:

  1. Check your Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Refresh your page by pressing F5 or by using your browser’s refresh.
  3. Go to your browser’s settings and clear your cache and/or cookies.
  4. Close your browser and sign in to again.
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