Women’s Ministry

The Mount Pleasant Women’s Ministry (MPWM) seeks to challenge women to pursue unity & harmony through spiritual physical, and emotional growth thus affecting the church, the family, and the community.

The Mount Pleasant Women’s.Ministry was born out of the very real need to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the women in our congregation. Bishop Johnson had the vision to develop this ministry to include every female in the church. Therefore, we operate under the premise that all females, ages 13 and older, are part of this ministry when they become a member of the Mount Pleasant Family. We claim, in the Name of Jesus, that every lady, young or mature, will be committed and dedicated to following Christ’s example of love, sacrifice, and service.

Our objective is for all women to walk in God’s plan, power, and purpose for their lives. While operating in the Fruit of the Spirit, we will use our gifts, time, and talents to advance God’s Kingdom. Furthermore, it is our aim to build strong, solid, biblical relationships with each other to the end that these relationships impact our families, friends, communities, cities, nation and beyond. We are driven by the vision of the house (F.E.D.) while taking the world for Jesus one woman at a time! Picture this-millions of women walking in God’s plan, power and purpose who are teaching others to do likewise. What a powerful vision!

For more information about Women’s Ministry or its events, contact Sis. Gay Stewart – gstewart@mountpleasant.org.

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